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Please note: there is a minimum $55 charge for an appointment

Nail Trim - $50 for first cat ($15 for each additional cat)

*Nail trims on dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs also available

Application of Claw Caps - $60 (owner must supply claw caps)

Sanitary Trim (groin and bum) - $65

Underbelly Shave (armpits, underside and belly) - $75

Underbelly Shave and Sanitary Trim - $85

Spot Shave Matts - $55-70+

Lion Cut or Shave Down - $130

Comb/Brush out - $55-65+

 *coat must not be matted for brushing and combing

5% GST will be added to all services


 * Additional charges may apply depending on coat condition and cat's temperament, and travel fees apply for clients outside of Calgary



How it works


I am mobile, so I come to you. This makes things much easier for your cat, and for you! Cats often don't like to travel, so by doing the grooming at home, your cat doesn't have to deal with the stress of a car ride and being in a strange place.


When I arrive at your home, I bring a small folding grooming table and a toolbox. My tools are cordless, so I don't even need a plug in! All I need from you is a well lit spot to set up the table, and someone to help hold your cat, reassure them and keep them calm. There is generally little or no mess - I put the hair straight into a bag as I go. The best part? When we're all done your cat will get down off the table and go back to whatever they were doing before - no waiting in a kennel to be picked up, and no car ride to get home! 

calgary cat grooming
calgary cat grooming
Payments accepted


  • Cash

  • Email Transfer

  • Cheque

  • Credit Card


I HIGHLY recommend Tamara. She provides a gentle, highly skilled, and convenient service – right to your doorstep. I called on Tamara to assist me with a cat in distress that had severe matting of her fur, causing her discomfort. Tamara came right away & after rounding this cat up, Tamara went to work. Despite great and continual opposition from this feline, Tamara calmly went about her business. The result was a beautifully groomed, mat-free, pain-free kitty! 


Tamara also regularly clips my two cat’s nails and does a fantastic job! As this type of service usually involves transport outside of the home, I really appreciate (as do my kitties!), the convenience of having it provided within my home. My cats are alleviated of the stress of being transported in a vehicle, and they’ve come to really enjoy Tamara’s visits! Thank you Tamara! :)

Lisa Jones, Calgary

Tamara did an amazing job with my cat! Really good experience for cat & myself! Awesome shave. Cat was comfortable & calm throughout. Even managed to clip his nails which no groomer has been able to do! Happy cat :)

Frances Ashley, Calgary

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